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Social Anxiety? If you are interested in taking a class and are feeling anxious, it may not just be that you are new to the visual arts trade.

It may be that it is hard to get back into social situations. You are not alone. The pandemic exposed us to stress and, in some cases, prolonged isolation.

As a consequence, there has been an increase in social anxiety and community uneasiness. Taking an in-person class is a great way to get back into a sense of community within an empathetic and considerate environment.


Enrollment is open for the rest of the fall! Click here to read our COVID-19 policy. Please note that we do add additional events from time to time based on community requests.

Art Verve Meetups will continue throughout the fall, both in person and virtually online. To join or to find up-to-day event times or locations, visit Meetup.com/Art-Verve/events.

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