Realism Within the Abstract at Tubac School of Fine Arts (TFSA)

Our very own Lisa Larrabee will teach a Tubac workshop at our community partner school, the Tubac School of Fine Art!

Wherever She Goes. Artwork by Lisa Larrabee. oil and mixed media (24" x 18")

Combining representational observation with expressive abstraction is a powerful way to communicate. Working abstractly invites an incredible range of expressive colors, textures, and intuitive mark-making that can display various feelings. Representational imagery can connect us to people, places, and experiences that we easily relate to. Put them together and create an incredible visual dialogue. Hours: 9am – 4pm

Lisa Larrabee is most recognized for her unique figurative paintings that stylistically blur the boundaries between figures and their environment. Her unique process begins with an expressive and textured surface. Lisa uses oil paint, cold wax medium, and mixed media with improvised tools, rollers, and pallet knives before refining her image with traditional oil painting methods. The effect feels both timeless and contemporary.

Lisa earned her Bachelor of Fine Art from the Kansas City Art Institute and her Master of Education from Northern Arizona University. For 20 years, Lisa has been able to work actively in her studio while sharing what she learns in the process with her students. Being around creative, artistic people energizes and inspires because learning goes both ways!

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