New Location & Community Partner!

We are excited to announce that we will partner with B.Marie's Atelier & Gallery in the Bring's building for our Monday night and Thursday scheduled classes. 

The Bring's building is located downtown within 500 feet of the Children's Museum, Arizona Theater Company, St. Augustine Cathedral, Armory Park, and the Temple of Music and Art, and it is just a five-minute walk from the restaurants along Broadway and Congress.

Historic Tucson Landmark

Historic Tucson Landmark

Brings Coworking is a two-story, 13,845-square-foot space and historic landmark located at 236 Scott Ave across from the Children's Museum. The building was constructed in 1928, with a significant addition built in 1942. The Bring Funeral Home was founded by Alvin, Ella Bring, and their son, Howard, in 1928. The family held its final service on December 1, 2014, and then sold the property. 

In 2015, the building was redeveloped and now sits on three parcels with a total lot size of 22,003 square feet managed by Peach Properties. They are a seasoned team with experience in reuse development and innovative new ground-up urban master planning. 

They want to grow and support downtown Tucson's startups, small businesses, remote workers, and freelancers within walking distance of the modern streetcar, restaurants, government buildings, and other downtown amenities. Peach Properties is a proud contributor to the rejuvenation of Tucson's Downtown by pursuing new construction and redevelopment projects in prime and up-and-coming urban locations.

Meet the Location Owner!

B.Marie's Atelier & Gallery

Located in the Brings historic building, the B.Marie's Atelier & Gallery was opened in 2022 by Bryanna Marie, an artist from Tuscon passionate about teaching. She was mentored by artists that she admired and is self-taught. She's eager to impart her knowledge and journey to adult students to empower and teach them the art of observation in classic drawing and painting.

B.Marie's Atelier & Gallery Studio

Bryanna Marie is an artist who paints miniatures. In 2014, she painted a small 3x3 canvas for charity, and the allure of miniatures captivated her. She crafts detailed landscapes and portraits on coin-sized canvases while emphasizing traditional styles and painting swiftly. Her work captures the profound wonder of a single moment or within the minute. She has been featured on ABC News and "Ripley's Believe It or Not!" and proudly exhibits her art nationally and abroad.

Bryanna Marie paints miniatures

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